Paper Submission

Paper Submission
List of Areas

1. Basics of Fuzzy Set Theory: Fuzzy Relations, Generalizations of Fuzzy Sets, etc.
2. Integral and Measure Theory
3. Algebra, Topology, Category Theory
4. Many-valued Logics and Algebraic Structures for Reasoning
5. Generalized Quantifiers and Natural Language Modeling
6. Dynamical Modeling: Fuzzy Dynamical Systems and Fuzzy Differential Equations
7. Uncertainty Modeling, Fuzzy Probability, and Statistics
8. Rough Sets and Formal Concept Analysis
9. Fuzzy Systems: Decision-making, Inference Systems, Preference Modeling, Optimization
10. Deep learning, Machine learning, and AI
11. Signal Processing: Image, Video, and Speech Processing
12. Data Analysis: Clustering, Associations Mining, Classification
13. Computational Intelligence in Information Systems
14. Fuzzy Control
15. Software and e-applications: eHealth, Recommendation Systems, etc.
16. Engineering Applications Incl. IoT, Environmental Modeling, Bioscience Engineering
17. Fuzzy Theory and Deep Learning
18. Fuzzy Theory and Neural Networks

Full Paper Submission

Submitted full papers should describe original research results, be not published elsewhere before. The papers have to be of the length of 4 ~ 8 pages. The only allowed format for the submission is PDF. The authors should submit their papers electronically, written in English, due to the given deadline, through CMT. The submitted papers are subject to a rigorous peer review process for their technical and practical contributions. All the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

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How to Submit Paper

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1. You need to enter your email address and password, if you already have a CMT account. If not, please create a new account.

2. Check “Your Role” and the name of the conference.

3. Click “Create New Submission”.

4. Follow the steps on that page.

Title and Abstract: Input “Title” and “Abstract” (less than 3000 characters).

Authors: If you have co-author(s), input his/her email address and click “Add”.

Subject Areas:

  • Select one primary subject area and some secondary areas (up to five). The selection of subject areas is important to assign your paper to appropriate reviewers.
  • If you want to submit your paper to one of special sessions, select “SS: Special Session Title” as the primary subject. If you are special session organizers and want to submit papers to own special session, select “Z: Conflict of Interest” as the primary subject and your special session as the secondary subject area.

Files: Upload your PDF within 20MB.

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